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    Toronto Festival of Festivals Poster, 1976

    It's hard to believe, but this month the Toronto International Film Festival will celebrate its 40th anniversary. Milestones like this always make for a good excuse to pause and reflect, especially for Torontonians of my generation who grew up in the 1970s and 80s. The great thing about being a film fanatic living in Toronto back then was the sheer selection of movies you could see on any day of the week. The city had a huge number of cinema screens relative to its population, equal to, if not greater than cities like New York, London or Paris. Whatever your neighborhood, you were never far from a cinema. And if the prevailing Hollywood fare wasn't to your liking, there was no shortage of repertory cinemas scattered throughout the city, such as the Bloor, the Kingsway, the Revue and the Fox, where you could further your cinematic education and catch up on the back catalogue of cinema classics that had come before, allowing you to become an overnight expert (or so you thought) on the true meaning of Citizen Kane, Rashomon, or The 400 Blows, to name but a few.

    In an era before home video or the internet, the rep cinemas were the only places you could see certain films, and we felt lucky if we had the chance to catch a rare screening of some revered masterpiece, even if it was a battered, scratched and thoroughly spliced 16 millimeter print. We didn't care. And no matter what you watched or where you went, the theaters were usually packed, especially on the weekends. So even before Toronto had established itself as a hub of film production, in the mid-70s it already had an enthusiastic film going population that went frequently, whether alone, as couples, in groups, or as part of a family outing.

    Then in 1976 some folks decided it would a good idea to organize a local film festival. Not your typical kind of festival, but rather one that brought together and screened the best of recent films that had already been featured and distinguished themselves at other film festivals around the world. Kind of a “best of” festival, showing films that probably wouldn't be coming soon to your local cinema because they were either obscure, not commercially viable, lacked a Canadian distributor, or just too weird. A novel idea? Sure. But would the public go for it? Perhaps. So they decided to give it a try. And they called it the “Festival of Festivals”.

    From the outset, there was no shortage of film submissions, even if the major Hollywood studios did not enthusiastically embrace the festival in its early formative years. But that's another story. The fact is, in its very first year, the Festival of Festival, running from October 18-24, screened 127 films in various genres from 30 countries and racked up attendances of over 35,000. Not bad for a debut performance.

    The rest, as they say, is history. Although it proved itself a modest success, the festival took time to grow on the film industry, even if the film fans were onboard from the outset. Incrementally but steadily, through the 1980s the festival seemed to get a bit bigger and better each year, attracting greater numbers of films and celebrities, and in the process providing a boost to the local economy.

    Toronto International Film Festival Poster, 1994

    Then in 1994 after 18 incarnations as Toronto's “Festival of Festivals”, some people (probably with a background in marketing) decided to re-brand the event as the Toronto International Film Festival, reflecting the extent to which the festival had evolved, having gained international stature and the distinction of being the largest film festival in North America, second only to Cannes.

    Aside from the consistently crowd pleasing film fare, another key factor in the festival's success over the years has been its legion of loyal volunteers. Call them them the unsung heros, the boots on the ground, the folks who do the heavy lifting; the fact is, each September there are literally hundreds of people, ranging in age from teenagers to senior citizens, who give freely of their time and professional expertise in various areas to make the festival happen. Some will even book time off work or choose their vacation period to coincide with the festival's dates, just so they have the pleasure of volunteering, whether as an usher, driver, interpreter, messenger, or any other number of positions which would normally be considered anything but exciting or glamorous. Ah, but during the film festival was different. It didn't matter if you answered phones, delivered film prints or tuna fish sandwiches, as long as you were a part of it, working alongside other people who shared a common goal-- making the film festival the best it could be for everyone who attended.

    Although I'd been a festival goer since my teens, I didn't actually volunteer until 1998 when, for 10 action packed days, I served as the Photography Office Manager, supporting a team of around a dozen staff photographers, whose job was to cover press conferences, galas, industry events and just about anything film related for the festival's photographic archive. That year we set up our office and portrait studio in a suite at the Park Plaza Hotel. On a typical day, we’d do between 20 and 30 portrait sittings, most of them only lasting around 15 minutes.

    My boss who was in charge of the department shot most of the studio portraits, but also gave me the chance to do some sessions. In 1998 the festival included a programme entitled the New Beat of Japan, featuring around 20 films by a variety of emerging and more established directors, most of them not widely known outside their country. Since I'd recently returned from two years working in Japan and spoke some Japanese, I got to shoot most of the directors' portraits, including many who are well known today, such as Kenji Kurosawa (no relation to Akira), Hirokazu Kore-Eda, and Shinya Tsukamoto, among others. Invariably, they would compliment my Japanese, surprised a Canadian film festival photographer could say anything in their language, to which I always replied “Sore hodo demo”, meaning “if only that was true”, which got an even bigger laugh.

    Something I quickly learned as Photography Office Manager is that information is power. I was surprised at the the number of calls I'd receive throughout the day from various people asking for information about when various celebrities would be in town, where they were staying or, most importantly, where they would be hanging out on any particular night.

    Invariably, I would plead ignorance, and it was true. 90% of the time, I didn't have the hot info they were looking for, and even if I did, I couldn't divulge it. However, my sincerity was often mistaken for reticence, and more than a few times money was offered in exchange for the coveted piece of info. When I told them I really didn't know, I could feel the consternation of the person on the other end of the line. And more than a few times someone would show up at our suite and ask if and when a certain actor or actress was scheduled for a portrait. At which point I would politely tell them that we did not share that kind of information out of respect for festival guests' privacy. If things got nasty, the phone on my desk had hotel security on speed dial, just in case. Fortunately, it never came to that.

    The best part about the job was getting to see what a lot of famous people actually look like in person. I soon discovered that most celebrities generally look a bit older in person that you imagine, and a bit shorter. Of course, on the big screen, they are larger than life, and forever youthful in our memory. But in the flesh, more often than not, unadorned by make-up and ideal lighting, not so.

    Sometimes people would arrive early or we'd run behind schedule, so I'd have a chance to have a chat with an actor or director. Of course, it was mostly small talk, but a couple of conversations, stand out in my memory. Both Tim Roth and Ewen Bremner were chatty, down to earth and totally unpretentious. And then there were other types, like a well known actress who arrived in rough shape one morning, and, as my boss told me later, didn't want to remove her sunglasses for her portrait sitting.

    Then there was the time Claudia Schiffer was booked to come in the next day for a sitting and my boss asked me if I'd like to assist him on the shoot. How could I refuse? I wondered what she looked like in the flesh, I pondered? Unfortunately, the next day she ended up canceling at the last minute, so I never got to find out.

    There were also those little chance encounters that could just happen. I went to get a coffee one afternoon and ended up sharing an elevator with Steve Martin, just the two of us, never exchanging a word as we ascended the upper floors of the Park Plaza. After all, what was I going to say? “Steve, I'm your biggest fan!” However, I took some kind of reassurance in the fact that Mr. Martin looked pretty much the same in person as he did on screen and on television. And he was actually taller than I imagined, well over 6 feet. Or perhaps it was just the shoes.

    And unforgettably, there was the A-list actor who, by pre-arrangement, showed up not with his agent, publicist or spouse, but just his bodyguard. We were briefed beforehand when the sitting was booked. The conditions were as follows: no one was to enter or exit the suite at any time during the photo shoot. And the body guard would stand outside the door to make sure. Unusual? Sure. Unreasonable, apparently not. Especially by Hollywood standards. Later that afternoon at the designated time the celebrity appeared, bodyguard in tow, who took a quick look around the room, surveying its layout, his narrow eyes darting about furtively, looking for who knows what. I ushered the actor into the photo studio in the adjoining room where my boss was waiting, at which point the bodyguard exited and waited outside. During the shoot, I couldn't resist sneaking a peek through the door's peephole. There across the corridor stood the muscle-bound man, arms folded, staring straight ahead right back at me. He definitely took his job seriously.

    Earlier that week, on the morning I photographed Norman Jewison, he didn't bring a body guard, or anybody else. A true professional, he showed up right on time for his portrait sitting. It was just me and him. I made some coffee and we chatted for a moment and got down to business. He was quite amiable, patient and very cooperative.

    His latest film at the time was The Hurricane, starring Denzel Washington. Most of it was filmed in Toronto the previous winter, and I’d actually worked on it for a day that January, on a bitterly cold -20C day inside an unheated warehouse where they shot the boxing scenes. But I wasn’t working as a photographer that day. I was an extra, one of hundreds on set, many of them elderly people, all of us dressed in 1960s era costume. At one point, there were problems with the generators and we lost all electricity for a time. People were shivering, huddling together for warmth. The food wasn’t very good, either. Waiting in the line-up for the portable toilets outside was awful. Morale was terrible. It was a long, unpleasant day of shooting, and I was so relieved when it was over.

    Of course, I hadn't mentioned of this to him during the shoot. As we were wrapping up I thanked him and wished him luck with the new film. Then, curious as to how he’d react, I said, “It sure was cold inside that warehouse in January, wasn’t it Mr. Jewison?”

    Without skipping a beat, he replied, “It sure was Bob. It sure was.”

    Norman Jewison, Toronto International Film Festival, September 1999

    As for my personal favorites among my photos, there are two that stand out in my mind, as much for the circumstances under which they were taken, as the quality of the photo itself. Orson Welles once remarked that a director who is a person who presides over what he called “happy accidents”. The legendary producer Robert Evans once said that he didn't believe in luck, stating that luck is that moment when opportunity meets preparation. I agree.

    At the 2001 Toronto International Film Festival, I was a staff photographer. One evening, I was on my way back from covering an event, and frankly, I was disappointed. It had been boring and I didn’t think I’d gotten anything really interesting. So I made my way back to the Four Seasons Hotel. This was before we’d switched over to digital, so we had a drop box at the front desk where all our staff photographers would leave the film they shot during the day, which would go out to the photo lab for processing later that night or first thing in the morning.

    I did my drop and as I was in the lobby, I noticed a figure out of the corner of my eye. Instantly I recognized him. He was talking to a woman. To this day, I don’t know who she was. I knew I had to seize the moment, so I walked over, and as graciously and calmly as I could, introduced myself, held up my festival credentials and asked if I could do a quick portrait.”

    “A portrait?” said David Lynch in his unmistakable voice, with a tone of feigned surprise, or perhaps he was just being sardonic. For a moment I thought he was going to tell me to go away. The woman with him didn’t look very pleased.

    “OK”, he said.

    So off came my lens cap. I had a roll of TRI-X in the camera, and was about half way through it. The week before I’d bought a new Nikon flash unit, which I didn’t yet know how to use. But the lighting in the lobby wasn’t very good, so I had no other choice. I’d have to use the flash.

    “OK, look into the lens,” I said. Jesus, did I say that? I told David Lynch to look into the lens. Oh shit. OK, focus, focus. So I press the shutter. And nothing happens. What’s going on? This has never happened before. Oh fuck. David Lynch is in front of me, and my camera’s jammed. No it isn’t. It’s something to do with the flash. So I re-focus, re-compose, all the while trying to conceal my inner anxiety.

    “OK, hold that,” I say, and press the shutter again. It worked. I think it worked. Did it work? God, I hope it worked. “That’s great, thank you very much. Have a nice evening,” I said.

    As I walked past the front desk, the woman behind it said “You’re not allowed to photograph in here”, obviously oblivious to my credentials which were hanging around my neck. “You don’t have permission.”

    “Yes, I do,” I said, wondering what the hell she was on about.

    “From who?” she said.

    “From Mr. Lynch,” I said, pointing in his direction. Then I turned around and walked outside. It was a great night.

    David Lynch, Toronto International Film Festival, September 2001

    But I guess my favorite happy accident of all time was in 2003 when Lost in Translation had its Canadian debut at festival. The premiere was held at the Elgin Theatre on Yonge Street, and the fans were out in full force. It was a real zoo. I had arrived a hours earlier in hopes of staking out a good spot, which was just about impossible. Fans, photographers, media-- we were all clustered together in the small, cramped area in front of the box office. I knew the space well. I’d spent many tedious hours in the same spot over the years at other premieres during previous film festivals. And this was another boring wait.

    Then, as is always the case, a limo pulled up, and all hell broke loose. The fans screamed, and flashes erupted in a barrage sufficient to trigger epileptic seizures. “Sofia, Sofia, over here Sofia!” I couldn’t even tell who was yelling. Sofia paused briefly to sign some autographs, or autograph some photos that fans had brought along, gave a couple of sound bites to the TV cameras, then proceeded to make her way into the theatre. I knew I had to act now if I had any hope of getting a decent shot. So I piggybacked behind one of the TV crews and made it into the front of the lobby. More flashes, more chaos.

    Security guards blocked some fans from getting any further. I knew I didn’t have much time. And then I did something I’d never done before. “Sofia—over here please,” I said calmly, but loud enough so she could hear me. And to my surprise, Sofia Coppola turned around and looked into my lens. I shot as fast as I could and got a few frames off before she turned back around. Did I get it? Did I get what I thought I got? It looked good, but you never know. Did the flash go? Was it in focus? I think I got it. It all happened so fast. Like it always does. So it was off to the lab to find out. Then when I saw the contact sheet I smiled. Sofia Coppola never looked more beautiful. And she had smiled just for me.

    Sofia Coppola, Toronto International Film Festival, September 2003

    Then came the changeover to digital photography, and suddenly pros weren't shooting film anymore. Soon even cell phones were equipped with cameras, ones with surprisingly good resolution that was unthinkable just a few years earlier. The autograph hounds of yesterday metamorphosed. Magic markers gave way to selfie sticks, suddenly everyone had one, the new essential accessory one had to have at the ready, lest you lose your fleeting chance for that magic moment with your favorite celeb that you could instantly post on social media like a safari trophy, a badge of achievement, and bask in the envy and adulation of your Facebook friends and Twitter followers. A new age had arrived and both novice and veteran festival photographers acknowledged not only had the rules of the game changed, the game itself was different. Somehow it just didn't feel the same anymore. The celebrity-fan dynamic at premieres, red carpet galas, or any other festival event had reached a new apotheosis of absurdity even Fellini could not have imagined.

    Of course, I still like to have a camera at the ready, but when I go to film festivals now, it's because I'm interested in seeing the films, not photographing the people who make or star in them. I haven't bought a selfie stick yet, but I think it might be a good idea, just in case. Because whether you're a pro or not, you never know when fortune might smile on you. And it would be a shame to miss that perfect shot now, wouldn't it? So happy birthday Toronto. Thanks for all those great films. And the photographic memories.

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    The screening will be on September 6th at 6:30 PM / Quartier Latin Screen 10 (350 Rue Emery - Montreal - Quebec) Check the trailer of "Solo per il Weekend" We have attached the Digital Press Kit of the film in PDF format.    'SOLO PER IL WEEKEND' A film by Director Kobayashi Produced by Director Kobayashi and Indiana Production   All your life can change in a weekend   It may seem like Las Vegas, but it's Milan. A...

    World premiere of Yony Leyser's debut feature DESIRE WILL SET YOU FREE

    World premiere of Yony Leyser's debut feature DESIRE WILL SET YOU FREE   in Montreal.  Venue:  Cinema Quartier Latin Cinema 15   DESIRE WILL SET YOU FREE is Yony Leyser's debut fiction feature and his follow up to his acclaimed 2010 documentary feature "William S Burroughs: A Man Within" which was released theatrically in several countries including the USA via Oscilloscope.    Ezra, an American writer of Palestinian and Israeli parentage...

    Premiere of Invention for Destruction a film by Karel Zeman from Czech Republican

    INVENTION FOR DESTRUCTION 1958 / N&B / 78 min / Czech Republic   Dir.: Karel  Zeman Cast: Lubor Tokos, Arnost Navrátil, Miroslav Holub, Frantisek Slégr, Václav Kyzlink, Jana Zatloukalová. Prod.: Ondrej Beranek, Punk Film   Synopsis THE FABULOUS WORLD OF JULES VERNE (Czech: Vynález zkázy, literally The Deadly Invention or An Invention for Destruction) is a 1958 Czech adventure film directed by Karel Zeman. Based on ...

    A Sunday Kind of Love to have World Premiere in Montreal

    Synopsis Adam Loule, 31, is trying to write the next great novel.  It isn’t going well. His previous books have all been failures, and now he’s only surviving thanks to his girlfriend Tracy, 29, a successful lawyer. His blind obsession for greatness has recently put a strain on their relationship, not that Adam's noticed.  He does however notice the beautiful and flattering Emma, 25, especially when she tells Adam she also goes by another name, Death…and sh...

    God Will Provide Has its World Premiere at Montreal World Film Festival

    The short-film "God Will Provide", directed by Luís Porto, will have its world Premiere at Montreal World Film Festival today at 4pm, in the Quartier Latin 11. It will also screen on the 7th September, at 11:30am, in the Quartier Latin 9.   1984. Maria lives alone in the countryside, on a remote village. She is a woman of strong moral and religious beliefs. Alone and isolated, she has no way of justifying a sudden and unwanted pregnancy. Title: God Will Provi...

    Montreal 2012 Audience Award Winners return to Montreal with Chucks, a film by Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl

    Chuck has its world Premiere in Montreal World Film Festival August 30 CHUCKS - Live. Love. Dance. Now!  The team behind "Coming of Age (Anfang 80)", Montreal 2012 Festival Audience Award Winner (and best actor Award), returns to the Montreal with a new comedy having its world Premiere in competition. A film by Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl After the novel by Cornelia Travnicek   CHUCKS, the new film by Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl (“C...

    Projects at the Festival Market...

    Let us hear about the Montreal Canada China Film Festival By Leopoldo Soto ...

    Box of Freedom Romanian project in preproduction takes co production meetings in Montreal

    Meet some of the players at Montreal Industry Office and Market . ...

    Interview with Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl who return to Montreal with Chucks

    Chuck had its world Premiere in Montreal World Film Festival August 30   CHUCKS - Live. Love. Dance. Now!  The team behind "Coming of Age (Anfang 80)", Montreal 2012 Festival Audience Award Winner (and best actor Award), returns to the Montreal with a new drama/comedy having its world Premiere in competition. A film by Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard Ertl After the novel by Cornelia Travnicek   CHUCKS, the new film by Sabine Hiebler and Gerhard ...


    Digital Gym

    > UNE SEMAINE A Montréal au Festival des Films du Monde  

    Jean-Jacques Annaud accompagne la présentation de son film Wolf Totem / Le dernier loup à Montréal

    Né en 1943, réalisateur, scénariste et producteur, Jean-Jacques Annaud débute sa carrière en réalisant des publicités pour la télévision. Parmi ses films, La victoire en chantant (1976), Oscar du Meilleur film étranger, COUP DE TÊTE (1979), LA GUERRE DU FEU (1981), LE NOM DE LA ROSE (1985), L’AMANT (1992), SEPT ANS AU TIBET (1997), STALINGRAD (2001) et SA MAJESTÉ MINOR (2007). Retrouvez son interview exclus...

    Interview avec Marc Ruchmann et Salam Jawad pour QUI SUIS-JE APRÈS TON EXIL EN MOI

    QUI SUIS-JE APRÈS TON EXIL EN MOI / WHO AM I AFTER YOUR EXILE IN ME 2015, Colour, France, Focus on World Cinema - short films    Production Team Director : Marc Ruchmann Screenwriter : Marc Ruchman Cinematographer : Yossi Shalev Editor : Louis Goldschmidt Cast : Ziad Barki, Liraz Charhi Music : Sig Film production and Sales : Prod.: Salam Jawad, Orok Films, 14, rue de Nice, 75011 Paris (France), tél.: + 33 1 53 27 37 33, ...

    Jolie dégustation autour de Duelo de vinos

    Le Consul d'Italie a organisé une dégustation de vins fins, dItalie, en l honneur de Romina Power et du documentaire "Duelo de vinos"; sponsorisé par Consorcio Soave  ...

    Interview de Diane Rouxel pour Fou d'Amour

    FOU D'AMOUR / FOU D'AMOUR 2015, Couleur, France, Compétition mondiale    Équipe de production Réalisation : Philippe Ramos Scénarisation : Philippe Ramos Direction photo : Philippe Ramos Montage : Philippe Ramos Interprètes : Melvil Poupaud, Dominique Blanc, Diane Rouxel, Lise Lamétrie, Jean-François Stévenin, Jacques Bonnafé, Jean-Paul Bodet, Virginie Petit Musique : Pie...

    Lord David Puttnam, invité d'honneur du FFM, donne une master class

    Lord David Puttnam, invité d'honneur du FFM, donne un master class à l'occasion de sa visite à Montréal. Ce dernier portera sur l'importance du monde audiovisuel et aura lieu au Cinéma Impérial à 14 h ce vendredi 28 août. C'est gratuit et pour tous. Premiers arrivés, premiers instruits! ...

    La reine-garçon (The Girl King) Au Festival des Films du Monde les 4 et 6 septembre

     Triptych Media et Galafilm (Canada), Marianna Films (Finlande), Starhaus Filmproduktion (Allemagne) et Anagram (Suède) sont heureuses d’annoncer la première mondiale du long-métrage La reine-garçon (The Girl King) au Festival des films du monde les 4 et 6 septembre prochains en présence du réalisateur Mika Kaurismäki, de l’actrice Malin Buska et du scénariste Michel Marc Bouchard.   Le réalisateur Finlandais Mi...

    The Girl King de Mika Kaurismäki est rajouté à la sélection des films en compétition à Montréal

      Le FFM annonce que le film The Girl King d’Aki Kaurismaki fera partie de la compétition mondiale du 39e FFM en première mondiale. Le film est coproduit par Galafilm et Triptych Media (Canada), Marianna Films (Finlande), Starhaus Filmproduktion (Allemagne) et Anagram (Suède). « J'ai été séduit par le scénario de Michel-Marc Bouchard, l’histoire unique d’une femme extraordinaire. Les perso...



    0 0

    In the words of actor George Shevtsov, lead actor opposite Adrien Brody in competition film BACKTRACK (2015), “CinéfestOZ is my favorite film festival. I've been to Cannes and many festivals around the world but this is the best of all!” What makes CinéfestOZ so unique? It's a boutique festival tucked away in the gem wine region of Margaret River, Western Australia where some of Australia's most stunning beaches kiss the land of the nation's most luscious vineyards. What a location for a film festival, where beautiful beaches and fine wines abound and people of all backgrounds meet once a year to enjoy the fruits of the region and celebrate the universal art of film. Some have even deemed this festival, "Australia's answer the Cannes Film Festival."

    In its 8th year, CinéfestOZ focused on a niche platform for Western Australian and Australian films and shorts with a French focus and an Australian-China co-production initiative.

    Opening night of CinéfestOZ 2015 began on August 26th with a red carpet world premiere of film prize competition film NOW ADD HONEY, directed by Wayne Hope and starring Robyn Butler, Portia de Rossi, Lucy Fry, Hamish Blake, Lucy Durack, Phillippa Coulthard, Lucinda Armstrong Hall, Robbie Magasiva, Angus Sampson, Erik Thomson, Ben Lawson, Ash Ricardo and Faustina Agolley. The film is a comedic look at the life of a middle aged woman struggling with her new phase in life while hosting her perfect young desirable niece. The film screening was followed by a cocktail party gala at the Festival Marquee.

    August 27th was a day full of special events spread around the region from Bunbury to Margaret River. "All About Audience" was a panel hosted by ScreenWest which took place at the Wise Winery in Margaret River. Industry professional guest speakers spoke from 10:30am-4:30pm on the impact of creation, production and marketing of films in times of rapidly changing modes of distribution. Later, an afternoon tea event was hosted in Bunbury by ScreenWest for a China Australia Film collaboration panel on co-production between Australia and China. Speakers were industry professionals from Australia and China.

    At night, CinéfestOZ film prize competition film BACKTRACK (2015) held its world premiere. Directed by Michael Petroni, it features an all-star cast including Adrien Brody, Sam Neill, George Shevtsov, Robin McLeavy, Chloe Bayliss and Bruce Spence. Following the premiere was a gala at the Festival Marquee with an open bar hosted by sponsor Forester wines.

    On August 28th, the day started with a tour of Forester winery in Margaret River. A devoted sponsor for CinéfestOZ, the winery opens its doors once a year to festival invites. Guests were welcomed to taste their specialty varietal whites- Chardonnay, Brut, Sauvignon Blanc- and reds- Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Shiraz. The owner brought visitors into the cellar for a wine tasting of Bordeaux reds including Malbec, Cab Franc and Petit Verdot.

    After the Forester winery tour, festival guests were brought to a Director's Lunch at Aravina Estate. Every year this event sells out to locals and regional visitors seeking to wine and dine with VIP Australian directors and actors. Attendees heard film industry professionals such as David Wenham, Hugo Weaving and Sarah Snook speak about the latest trends in the film industry while dining on gastronomic dishes by head chef Ben Day and top notch wines produced at the estate.

    After a full afternoon of wine tasting and eating specialty dishes, the day was topped off by two film prize screenings at the Orana Cinema- 1) Western Australian premiere of THE DAUGHTER (2015) directed by Simon Stone starring Geoffrey Rush, Ewen Leslie, Paul Schneider, Miranda Otto, Anna Torv with Odessa Young and Sam Neill about a man returning to his hometown to uncover a secret from the past, and 2) Western Australian premiere of the evening was PAWNO (2015) directed by Paul Ireland starring John Brumpton, Kerry Armstrong, Mark ColesSmith, Maeve Dermody, Damian Hill, Malcolm Kennard, Tony Rickards and Daniel Frederickson. Following the film screenings, a premiere gala took place at the Festival Marquee and continued at The Fire Station until the wee hours of morning.

    On August 29th the day started at The Deck Marina at Port Geographe for a VIP breakfast with filmmakers and festival guests. The food included all types of coffees, organic juices, homemade pastries, eggs with salmon and fresh succulent oysters. The gourmet breakfast was followed by a screening of the final film prize competition film, PUTUPARRI AND TH RAINMAKERS (2015), a presentation of the Melbourne International Film Festival MIFF Premiere Fund at CinéfestOZ and Film Prize Jury Screening, directed by Nicole Ma starring Tom Lawford and Sylvestor Rangie set against the backdrop of the Kimberly region of Australia’s northwest about one indigenous man’s struggle to fulfill his destiny. Director Nicole Ma and stars of the film Tom Lawford and Sylvester Rangie appeared on the red carpet for photo opts.

    After the screening, festival guests were brought to Willy Bay Resort in Margaret River for a Jury lunch where jury members David Wenham, Wayne Blair, Sarah Snook, Liz Kearney and Annie Murtagh-Monks spoke about their successful film careers and their reaction to the five films in competition at this year's festival. Lunch was an array of specialty dishes by award winning chef Tony Howell and locals wines were served.

    Later, guests and festival attendees gathered inside the Marquee tent for drinks before being escorted to the Orana Cinema for the awards ceremony. A Screen Legend award was given to special guest Hugo Weaving for his exceptional career as an actor in film and theater. The CinéfestOZ Film Prize was awarded to the filmmakers of PUTUPARRI AND THE RAINMAKERS (2015); jury chair David Wenham awarded the $100,000 prize to the filmmakers. Following the awards ceremony, a full gala night took place inside the Festival Marquee with fresh oysters, specialty tapas and Forester wines served to the entertainment of live music. All attendees celebrated the end of a successful CinéfestOZ 2015.


    Written by Vanessa McMahon

    Busselton Jetty
    Wise winery, Margaret River, WA.
    CinefestOZ 2015 Guests at The Deck Marina at Port Geographe 
    Red carpet walk for PUTUPARRI AND THE RAINMAKERS crew CinefestOZ 2015
    Closing night gala @ CinefestOZ 2015

    -"ABOUT CinéfestOZ The 8th annual CinéfestOZ will showcase extraordinary Australian and French films over five days from 26 to 30 August 2015. CinéfestOZ is the product of an enormous community effort to celebrate great film and the best of the Australian and French film industry.

    The festival is set to attract a diverse audience of film lovers and filmmakers from across Australia, through feature film premieres and a highly anticipated film selection, as well as the second annual $100,000 Film Prize awarded to an outstanding Australian film.

    CinéfestOZ has also enjoyed a long-standing relationship with France ever since Jerome Paillard, executive director Marche du Film at the Cannes Film Festival, opened the second festival in 2009. Since then, the links between the South West of Western Australia and seaside towns such as St Tropez and Cannes have come into full focus. Add to the mix the great food and wine on offer in the South West region and CinéfestOZ is the must-attend event of the year for film followers, filmmakers, film lovers and those who appreciate the beauty of this corner of Western Australia.

    The festival will host a record 68 events at venues across the South West from Bunbury to Augusta, including gala film evenings, winery lunches, short film side bar screenings, family film events, script workshops and free community screenings. A total of 82 Australian and French feature films, documentaries and short films will screen, including four world premieres and 17 Western Australian premieres, which will be attended by some of Australia’s best actors, directors and producers. The festival is also a platform for short filmmakers, many of which will premiere their films at this year’s CinéfestOZ. CinéfestOZ is supported by the State Government through Tourism WA’s Regional Events Program, which is funded by Royalties for Regions. Rio Tinto is a proud Premium Partner of CinéfestOZ. The festival acknowledges its strong partnership with ScreenWest, Western Australia’s screen funding and development agency. The best way to experience CinéfestOZ is through Festival Platinum Passes, Gold Passes and Weekend Gold passes available via the CinéfestOZ website. Subscribe to the CinéfestOZ newsletter to learn more"

    0 0

    Actor Hugo Weaving at Closing Ceremony of CinefestOZ 2015

    This year's CinéfestOZ hosted a number of star studded Australian talents including internationally beloved Hugo Weaving, recognized by the festival as Screen Legend. While his motley career boasts many credits in theater and film, he is recognized globally for his roles in The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Matrix, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, The Interview, Men In Black, Cloud Atlas, Strangerland, The Turning and most recently The Dressmaker. He graduated from the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) and performs regularly in Australian theater productions with the Sydney Theater Company. During CinéfestOZ 2015, Hugo spent the duration of the festival participating in activities such as movie premiere galas and film conversations-with at winery lunches.

    When asked to name one of his favorite films of his career to date, he immediately replied “Little Fish” as being one of the most rewarding to work on. During festival events, Hugo gracefully weaved between photo opts with avid fans in and out of movie screening and deep conversations of wine and film with new and old industry acquaintances. His poise graceful and full of command he emits a presence of great self possession, as if always in character as the great Elrond himself. You would think an actor of this stature would be too busy to take the time out to enjoy the days of local wine tastings and hours of conversation which take place at the boutique CinéfestOZ, a film festival some have deemed Australia's answer to the Cannes film festival, but Hugo is a man who clearly knows when to work and when to take time away to enjoy a good time and a celebration of life and cinema. With his monumental career and lofty presence, Hugo proved an irreplaceable asset to this year's CinéfestOZ and, as Festival chair David Barton said about his attendance, “To have Hugo here to attend CinèfestOZ and to receive our Screen Legend award is a special honor for our festival and a tribute to its growth.”

    When honored at the closing night ceremony as Screen Legend for his exceptional achievement in film, he was given a gift of blown glass of which he gratefully accepted and asked in a joking manner, followed by ripples of laughter, “What do I do with this?” In past years, recipients of the CinéfestOZ Screen Legend award included: Jack Thompson, Bryan Brown, David Wenham and Fred Schepisi.

    After Hugo's recognition as Screen Legend, the festival jury awarded the coveted film prize of $100,000, Australia's largest film prize, to the filmmakers of MIFF documentary "Putuparri And The Rainmakers".

    CinéfestOZ 2015 hosted 68 events at locations all across southwest WA from Busselton to Margaret River, including gala film premieres, winery lunches, short film side bar screenings, family film events, script workshops and free community screenings. In total, 82 Australian films, French films, documentaries and short films were screened; of these, 17 films were Western Australian premieres attended to by CinefestOZ industry guests.

    CinéfestOZ is sponsored by the State Government via Tourism WA’s Regional Events Program, funded by Royalties for Regions. Rio Tinto is a continuous Premium Partner of CinéfestOZ. Further, the festival holds and longstanding alliance with ScreenWest, Western Australia’s screen funding and development agency.

    For more information on CinéfestOZ newsletter to learn more


    Written by Vanessa McMahon


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  • 09/06/15--15:22: We support Montreal WFF


    The Montreal World Film Festival is an event wherethere is always something to discover. The 39th edition is the perfect illustration, with more than 80 countries represented: beside the major producing countries, the Festival is hosting works from Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bermuda, Congo, Greenland, Kyrgyzstan, Kosovo, Liberia, Malawi, Nepal, Nicaragua. Whatother film event can rival this cultural diversity ? Off the beaten track, far from “fashion” or familiar formulas, the MWFF is the ideal place for genuinely curious moviegoers. Add to this a friendly atmosphere and dedicated staff  always happy to receive guests. In short, a dozen days of filmgoing happiness! 


    There’s no doubt that the MWFF is unique. Its disappearance would be a disaster for Montreal’s cultural life.


    Signed by

    Georgui Balabanov, réalisateur

    Donald ranvaud, Jury des premières œuvres

    Frauke Finsterwalder, réalisatrice

    Antoine Zeind, Jury des premières œuvres

    Bulent Gunduz, réalisateur

    Pierre Henri Deleau, Jury des premières œuvres

    Carmelo Romero, Festival de Malaga

    Bruno Chatelin,

    0 0



    Venezia 72

    International competition of feature films, presented as world premieres 

    Out of Competition

    Important works by directors already established in previous editions of the Festival


    An international competition dedicated to films that represent the latest aesthetic and expressive trends in international cinema

    Venice Classics

    A selection of restored classic films and documentaries on cinema

    Biennale College - Cinema

    Higher-education training workshop for the development and production of micro-budget feature-length films

    Final Cut in Venice

    Workshop to support the post-production of films from Africa and the Middle East



    International Critics’ Week

    A series of 7 films – debut works – independently organized by a commission nominated by the SNCCI >>

    Venice Days

    Independent section promoted by the Italian Association of Filmmakers ANAC and 100 Autori>>


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    Ricky Rijneke has been invited to the prestigious Toronto Talent Lab, which will be held September 10-20 as part of the Toronto International Film Festival. She is the first filmmaker from The Netherlands who has been selected.

    The Toronto Talent Lab has invited 10 new international talents and 10 Canadian participants for its 12th edition.
    The selected participants have the opportunity to interact with internationally acclaimed filmmakers and discuss a range of topics focused on the artistic side of filmmaking, sharpening the skills and confidence of a new generation of filmmakers.

    This year‘s Talent Lab artistic governors are director Wim Wenders and producer Jim Stark. Confirmed guest speakers at this year's Talent Lab include Stephan Frears, Claire Denis, Christopher Doyle, Jia Zhang-Ke, Agnieszka Holland.

    Director and writer Ricky Rijneke is participating with her recent project in development The Hunter’s Son (working title). This project her second feature film has also been invited to Script&Pitch at the Torino Lab 2015.

    Her first short work of fiction wing, the fish that talked back, premiered in Official Competition at the Locarno International Film Festival, was nominated for the Golden Pardino. This award winning film gained international acclaim at more then fifty international film festivals.

    Her debut feature Silent Ones starring Hungarian actress Orsi Toth, premiered in Official Competition at the 42 th International Film Festival Rotterdam nominated for the Tiger Award. Silent Ones was selected for many international major and independent film festivals winning eight awards out of twelve nominations such as Best Film (New York FF) Best Female director (Toronto Indie FF) Best Film (Berlin BIFF) Best Cinematography, Honorable mention (Los Angeles Women’s FF) and the Dutch Golden Stone for Best Film.

    Talent Lab artistic governor and American Independent producer Jim Stark (a.o. Jim Jarmusch) said about Silent Ones: “With gorgeous visual imagery and an elliptical but very poetic story, her debut film Silent Ones has earned Ricky Rijneke a place among Europe's best young up and coming directors.”

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    Our correspondants reporting from Venice

    Digital Gym


    Big Sunday on the Lido

    Alex Deleon, Venice   
    Alice Vikander and Eddie Redmayne on Danish Girl poster   [10:45] THE DANISH GIRL: Class!  Both Redmayne and wife in the film, Alicia Vikander, are superb. Classy pastel shaded photography provides perfect support for period feeling. Exquisite sets and decor. The central subject aside from the obvious gender transformation is the search for self and marital fidelity in the face if an impossible marital situation. Great psychodrama, great everything ~~ ...

    Everest sketch by Nesta at Venice Film Festival

    Nesta Morgan in Venice
    Everest, telling and retelling a story that's true, a tremendous responsibility. The objective to draw from nature, with intimacy, the metaphor for Mountain. Emily Watson as the emotional conduit, the bystander playing a real character, a lovely place to be. (Hawkes, Josh Brolin, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kormakur, Clarke and Emily Watson) Check Nesta's sketches from Venice (and Cannes).   ...

    Frederick Wiseman's latest documentary 'In Jackson Heights' explores one of the Most Diverse Neighborhoods in the United States

    Frederick Wiseman's latest  documentary 'In Jackson Heights' explores one of the Most Diverse Neighborhoods in the United States ... at extremely great length.   Frederick Wiseman, 85, the dean of American documentarians, received a Golden Lion for Life Achievement here last year Frederick Wiseman's 40th documentary since his famous insane asylum study, Titicut Follies" of 1967, titled  "In Jackson Heights", is about a racially and ethnically mi...

    No lack of stars on The Lido this year, with Competition Jury, a Star Lineup in its Own Right

    By Alex Deleon <             
    Fourth year Festival director Alberto Barbera has announced in "La Stampa" that in order to stimulate recently declining public interest there will be a recharged emphasis on big name stars on the red carpet at the 2015 festival. A list of A-listers as long as your sleeve expected to tread the carpetry includes the likes of: Johnny Depp, Eddie Redmayne, Jake Gyllenhaal, Diane Kruger, Tilda Sw...

    First highlights and films to watch from Venice

    Christopher Plummer is a 90 year old Holocaust  Avenger in Atom Egoyan's "Remember"    "Remember" Atom Egoyan (Canada, Germany). A new film from Canadian-Armenian Atom Egoyan is always an event and the current entry takes up a most peculiar subject: a 90 year old Jewish Holocaust survivor out to get revenge on a former Nazi Camp guard who murdered his family some seventy years ago and is living in the States under a...

    Video: Press conference and photocall of “The Danish Girl” (Venezia 72)

    The Danish Girl is the remarkable love story inspired by the lives of artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegene. Lili and Gerda’s marriage and work evolve as they navigate Lili’s groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer. VENEZIA 72The Danish Girl by Tom Hooper - UK, USA, 120’ language: English - s/t Italian Eddie Redmayne, Alicia Vikander, Amber Heard, Sebastian Koch, Ben Whishaw, Matthias Schoenaerts      Director’s...

    Video: Tribute to Orson Welles at 72. Mostra del Cinema

    Tuesday September 1st, Sala Darsena (Palazzo del Cinema) at Lido di Venezia - Pre-Opening of the 72nd Venice Film Festival entirely dedicated to Orson Welles, for the centennial of his birth, and to two of his “Venetian” masterpieces inspired by Shakespeare and remarkably found and restored – The Merchant of Venice (1969, a film that was thought to have been lost) and Otello (1951) ...

    Venice Full Line Up 6 sections in the official selections and 2 autonomous sections

    OFFICIAL SELECTION Venezia 72 International competition of feature films, presented as world premieres  Out of Competition Important works by directors already established in previous editions of the Festival   Orizzonti An international competition dedicated to films that represent the latest aesthetic and expressive trends in international cinema Venice Classics A selection of restored classic films and documentaries on cinema &nb...

    Four International Juries at the 72nd Venice Film Festival:

    VENEZIA 72     Alfonso Cuarón (President)     Elizabeth Banks     Emmanuel Carrère     Nuri Bilge Ceylan     Hou Hsiao-hsien     Diane Kruger     Francesco Munzi     Pawel Pawlikowski     Lynne Ramsay ORIZZONTI     Jonathan Demme (President)     ...

    Full Venice Calendar of events, presentations and talks

      Wednesday September 2nd - 100 autori, the Cinetelevisiva Association, in collaboration with Giornate degli Autori – Venice Days – the autonomous section dedicated to the auteur and independent cinema – inaugurates at the Villa degli Autori (Lungomare Marconi 56) the exhibition with free admission, Il disegno del cinema, with boards of the cartoonist and storyborder Davide De Cubellis and it will be open throughou...

    France leads Venice competitions with 23 films (versus 12 for Italy and 18 for USA)

    Some statistics on the 72nd Venice International Film Festival 55 new feature films in the Official Selection   divided as follows: ·        21 in Venezia 72 (Competition) ·        16 Out of Competition (9 of ...

    French director Bertrand Tavernier to receive Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement

    Awards Ceremony on Tuesday 8 September Tavernier will present a selection of rare films for the Venice Classics section   In his recommendation to the Board of Directors for the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement, Alberto Barbera writes: “Tavernier is a complete, instinctively non-conformist, staunchly eclectic auteur. His filmography as a whole constitutes a body of work that is in part incongruous within the context of French cinema over the past forty ...

    Biennale College - Cinema: announced the 12 projects of the 4th edition 2015/16

    A 10-day workshop to be held from October 3rd to 12th 2015 Projects from Canada, China, Germany, India, UK, Italy, Holland, Romania, Venezuela, and USA     The first 12 projects have been selected for the fourth edition of Biennale College – Cinema 2015/16,submitted by teams composed of directors and producers who will take part in the first 10-day workshopto be held in Venice from October 3rd to 12th 2015. The international Call was ...

    FRANCOFONIA by Alexander Sokurov premiered at the Venice Film Festival.

    FRANCOFONIA by Alexander Sokurov tonight premiered at the Venice Film Festival.   The Louvre Under NAZI Occupatio N The goals of State and Art seldom coincide In view of the threat of war triggered by Germany’s invasion of the Sudetenland, the Louvre’s art collections were packed up on September 27 and 28, 1938 on the orders of its director, Jacques Jaujard, and transported by lorry to the Château de Chambord in the Loire Valley, according to a ...

    FREE IN DEED, a film by Jake Mahaffy in World Premiere in Venice

    FREE IN DEED, a film by Jake Mahaffy with David Harewood, Edwina Findley Produced by Mike S. Ryan, Michael Bowes, Brent Stiefel  USA/New Zealand 2015, 98 mins     Press Screenings: Thursday, September 10th, 19:45, Sala Pasinetti / 22:30, Sala Volpi   Official Screening: Friday, September 11th, 17:30, Sala Darsena Repeat Screening: Saturday, September 12th, 15:30, Palabiennale           Set...

    6 movies from Argentina in Venice

    official competition The Clan Pablo Trapero The new film from Argentine auteur Pablo Trapero (Crane World, White Elephant) recounts the astonishing true story of a seemingly normal middle-class family that trafficked in the kidnapping, ransoming and murder of the wealthy. 6 sep 09:00 hs Sala grande 6 sep 11:30 hs Sala Darsena 6 sep 20:15 hs ...

    MA A Film By Celia Rowlson-Hall premiered at the 2015 Venice Film Festival

    MA will premiere at the 2015 Venice Film Festival on Saturday, September 5th at 10:00pm   Synopsis: In this modern-day vision of Mother Mary’s pilgrimage, a woman crosses the scorched landscape of the American Southwest. Reinvented and told entirely through movement, the film playfully deconstructs the role of this woman, who encounters a world full of bold characters that are alternately terrifying and sublime. MA is a journey into the visceral and the surreal, ...

    A flickering truth by Pietra Brettkelly screens in Venice

    A FLICKERING TRUTH A Film By Pietra Brettkelly     Synopsis: Film preservation is a challenge all over the world, but on this scale of crisis Afghanistan ranks near the very top. The miniboom in film production that followed the establishment of the state Afghan Film organization in 1965 came to an end with the ascension of the Taliban, which viewed cinema as Western culture that needed to be expunged. The country's film history might well have have been lost forever, if not f...

    Venice European Gap-Financing Market

    The Venice Film Market  is pleased to present the 2nd edition of the European Gap-Financing Market, which will take place on September 4 and 5, 2015. The European Gap-Financing Market is a new platform intended to support the European producers to secure the final financing of their projects through one-to-one meetings with potential and appropriate international professionals. The main criteria to participate in this original event is to...

    Final Cut in Venice

    The third edition of the FINAL CUT IN VENICE workshop will take place from September 7th to September 8th, 2015 during the Venice Film Market of the 72nd Venice International Film Festival (Venice Lido, 2nd – 12th September 2015). The Festival’s purpose is to provide concrete assistance in the completion of films from Africa and from Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine and Syria; and to offer producers and directors an opportunity to present films still...

    First Light by Vincenzo Marra in Venice Days

    Recreation Media’s newest acquisition, FIRST LIGHT - La Prima Luce, premiering at the 2015 Venice Film Festival in the Venice Days/Giornate Degli Autori’s Official Selection section. Directed by Vincenzo Marra (Bridges of Sarajevo, The Trial Begins, Sailing Home), FIRST LIGHT stars Riccardo Scamarcio (My Brother is and Only Child, Pasolini, Burnt). It is produced by Paco Cinematografica, in collaboration with Rai Cinema, and will be released theat...

    'Behind the white glasses: A Portait of LINA WERTMULLER' in competition in the Venice Classic section

    BEHIND THE WHITE GLASSES A Portait of LINA WERTMULLER, an Official Selection of the Venice Film Festival in competition in the Venice Classic section with Harvey Keitel, Martin Scorsese, Giancarlo Giannini, Nastassja Kinski, Rutger Hauer and Sophia Loren among many others.   A highly entertaining and intimate portrait of a witty, colorful, larger than life personality.   Lina Wertmüller is an iconic image of Italian and world cinema: s...

    Carlos Saura’s new film ARGENTINA selected in Venice Days

    Argentina by Carlos SAURA With the participation of: Soledad Pastorutti, Chaqueño Palavecino, Dino Saluzzi, Roxana Amed Live performance – Argentina / Spain / France – 2015 – Spanish ...

    Brian De Palma to receive Jaeger-LeCoultre Glory to the Filmmaker 2015 Award

                                  The award will be given on September 9th in the Palazzo del Cinema   the documentary De Palma by Noah Baumbach and Jake Paltrow to screen out of competition The Biennale di Venezia and Jaeger-LeCoultre are pleased to announce that the great American directorBrian De Palma wi...

    MAD Solutions Offers an Award at Final Cut in Venice Workshop

    MAD Solutions has announced a new award to be granted under its name at the Venice International Film Festival, through the 3rd Final Cut in Venice workshop that will be held at the festival's next round (2 - 12 September 2015). The award comprises promotional and distribution services in the Arab world offered to one of the contending film projects in the workshop.   On the new partnership, Alaa Karkouti, CEO at MAD Solutions, stated, "We are constantly looking for unconventiona...

    Line-up of the 15 projects selected for the 2015 European Gap-Financing Market

    The first edition met with considerable success and some of the titles presented last year have already had their world premiere at prestigious festivals. These positive results clearly indicate that the policy of the Venice Film Market and European Gap-Financing Market to help the completion of films, is evidently filling a void in the European film industry. As soon as a project shows a real potential for an audience, the increasing involvement of alternative international financing sources, s...

    Venezia 72 Juries headed by Alfonso Cuarón

    The selection is complete for the members of all three international Juries (Venezia 72, Orizzonti, “Luigi De Laurentiis” Venice Award for Best Debut Film) at the 72nd Venice International Film Festival (2-12 September 2015), directed by Alberto Barbera and organized by the Biennale di Veneziachaired by Paolo Baratta.     Venezia 72 The distinguished members of the Jury for the Venezia 72&nbs...

    Jonathan Demme to preside over the International Jury of the Orizzonti section

    The members of the international Jury of the Orizzonti section, in addition to its president, American director Jonathan Demme, are: · French director and screenwriter Alix Delaporte, in competition in Venice in 2014 with Le dernier coup de marteau (The Last Hammer Blow), for whichRomain Paul won the “Marcello Mastroianni” Prize · Spanish actress Paz Vega, who rose to international stardom in 20...


    Lancement de la Mostra, l'Everest au sommet.

    Le Festival de Venise déroule son tapis rouge pour la 72è édition de la Mostra qui vient de démarrer le 2 septembre et se cloturera le 12 septembre prochain (une petite semaine avant le démarrage de San Sebastian -18 au 26 septembre). Le Festival de Toronto quant à lieu débute le 10 et se termine le 20 septembre. Un des mois les plus chargés de l année sur le circuit des festivals.
    Un Sketch de Nesta Morgan autographé de l'équipe d'Everest. 

    0 0


    2015, Colour, Germany, Canada, Finland, Sweden, World Competition 

    Production Team

    Director : Mika Kaurismäki

    Screenwriter : Michel Marc Bouchard

    Cinematographer : Guy Dufaux

    Editor : Hans Funck

    Cast : Malin Buska, Sarah Gadon, Michael Nyqvist, Lucas Bryant, Laura Birn, Hippolyte Girardot, François Arnaud, Patrick Bauchau

    Music : Anssi Tikanmäki

    Film production and Sales : Prod.: Marianna Films / Triptych Media/ Galafilm / Starhaus Filmproduktion / Anagram.




    It’s the 1600s and Queen Christina is set on making Sweden the most sophisticated country in Europe. Having been raised as a prince under strict Lutheran control, the enigmatic, flamboyant, and unpredictable queen faces powerful resistance in her quest to educate her subjects and end the bloody Thirty Years War between the Protestants and Catholics. Amidst all this, Christina struggles to come to terms with an irresistible passion for her lady in waiting, the stunning Countess Ebba Sparre. Her quest to understand love runs parallel with her quest to understand humanity and the violent and restrictive forces conspiring against her. Torn between the conflict of political and personal aspirations, Christina chooses to make one of the most controversial decisions in history. 



    Born in Orimattila, Finland in 1955, Mika Kaurismäki studied film in Germany and his first film, his graduation production, THE LIAR (1980), was an overnight sensation; it marked the beginning of the cinema of the Kaurismäki brothers and started a new era in the Finnish cinema. Eventually, Mika established a base and second home in Brazil and concentrated on international co-productions, among them, CONDITION RED (1995), L.A. WITHOUT A MAP (1998), HONEY BABY (2004), BRASILEIRINHO (2005, shown at the MWFF), THREE WISE MEN (2008), BROTHERS (2011), ROAD NORTH (2012). 




    Friday September 4, 2015 - 07:00 PM - CINÉMA IMPÉRIAL
    Sunday September 6, 2015 - 04:30 PM - CINÉMA IMPÉRIAL


    0 0

    What does the future holds for the Festival des Films du Monde?, Dr. Norman Cornett, a recognized academic of Montreal, has a few ideas he shared during the 39th edition with Leopoldo Soto for viewers.

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    The Zinemira Award 2015 will go to Karmele Soler


    The 63rd San Sebastian Film Festival will present eight feature films in the Zinemira section, dedicated to films produced in the Basque Country. Four world premieres and another four titles from this year’s production make up the selection.

    All of the premieres compete for the Irizar Basque Film Award, alongside the remaining productions with a minimum of 20% Basque production presented as a world premiere in any of the Festival sections. The Irizar Award is decided by a specific jury and comes with €20,000 gross for the producer or producers of the winning film.   


    Section dedicated to Basque film organised by the San Sebastian International Film Festival, the Basque Government Department of Culture and the Filmoteca Vasca; with the sponsorship of Irizar and EITB; and the collaboration of EPE/AVE and IBAIA.


    Un otoño sin Berlín

    Lara Izagirre

    World premiere – Basque Film Gala
    June returns to the town of her birth by surprise after spending time abroad. The return home will be painful: her family and her first love, Diego, have changed. She too has changed, and repairing the broken ties won’t be easy. But just like the autumn wind, June will take the place by storm.



    District Zero

    Jorge Fernández Mayoral, Pablo Tosco, Pablo Iraburu Allegue

    What’s in a refugee’s mobile phone? Their recollections, their memory, their identity, contact with the world they’ve left behind. This film narrates everyday life in a mobile phone repair shop in the Zataari refugee camp.



    Gure sor lekuaren bila

    Josu Martínez

    World premiere
    Hasparren, 1956. Amid great expectation, a documentary in the Basque language about the Basque Country was released in the local cinema. In the following months it was screened in other Basque and French towns on both sides of the border, and even in Paris, San Francisco and Dakar. But suddenly it disappeared from sight and everyone forgot about it. Sixty years later, filmmaker Josu Martinez sets out to find it.



    Jai Alai Blues

    Gorka Bilbao Ramos

    World premiere
    A documentary narrating the incredible story of the Jai Alai through its most iconic characters. A great many similarities can be drawn between the biography of our characters and the actual history of the Jai Alai. Beginnings in humble surroundings, huge successes all over the world in pelota courts packed to the hilt with distinguish publics, losses of identity due to adapting a traditional game to societies with completely different values...




    Carlos Rodríguez

    The San Sebastian Jazz Festival looks back over its 50 years of history in this documentary with comments from some of its leading figures and images of extraordinary concerts forever engraved on the memory.



    Pos eso (Possessed)

    Sam Orti Marti

    Feature film directorial debut from the animation movie director, Sam. La Trini, a world-famous Flamenco dancer, leaves the tablaos in deep depression after her husband’s death. Damian, her 8 year-old son, is possessed by an evil demon who prompts him to commit horrendously cruel and bloody acts.



    Sanctuaire / Sanctuary

    Olivier Masset-Depasse

    A film about two adversaries who will learn to know and respect one another, despite their differences: Domingo Iturbe, "Txomin", head of the ETA military apparatus, and Grégoire Fortin, adviser to Mitterrand’s Minister of Justice.




    Pablo Iraburu Allegue, Migueltxo Molina Ayestarán

    World premiere
    The world is increasingly more divided by walls. There are human beings on either side of them. The question is not whether their existence is absurd or logical, whether they can be avoided or not, but to demonstrate that the people on both sides are basically exactly the same.



    Short films from the Kimuak catalogue

    (for professionals and accredited guests only)

    The section will also include the selection of shorts in the Kimuak 2015 programme, an initiative of the Basque Government Department of Culture and Euskadiko Filmategia-Filmoteca Vasca with the objective of lending visibility to the best Basque shorts of the year. This year’s Kimuak selection includes seven short films.

    5 Segundos

    Short film

    David González Rudiez

    Carlos has prepared a surprise for his wife. They argued a few days ago and he wants to apologise.




    Short film

    Tucker Dávila Wood

    A duel in the woods, on any day.




    Short film

    Mikel Gurrea

    In London, a young estate agent must combine landing a crucial sale with caring for his 10 year-old son. Malcolm and Aron struggle to understand one another, while an urban fox follows them over a rainy night.



    I Said I Would Never Talk About Politics

    Short film

    Aitor Oñederra

    Don Mariano travels by plane and makes his way to a prestigious restaurant specialising in natural, quality red meats, low in fat and cholesterol.



    Lost Village

    Short film

    George Todria

    In an abandoned village, only inhabited by a middle-aged man and woman, lights start to come on in some of the empty houses. Each reacts differently to the phenomenon. Their lives will never be the same again.



    Luz a la deriva

    Short film

    Iñigo Salaberria

    In Iceland people live in the dark for a large part of the year. The good thing about the night is that it’s like a backdrop which erases the details and leaves you faced with only the essential, as if you were before a sheet of paper you are about to draw on.



    A Revenge Story

    Short film

    Lander Camarero

    The well-known activist and blogger Mark Figueroa, upset when a woman two-times him, decides to wreak revenge by inviting all women cheated on by their partners to have relations with him.

    Tucker Dávila Wood’s short film Duellum, will also be screened in the Zabaltegi section.


    Makeup artist Karmele Soler will receive this year’s Zinemira Award, given by the San Sebastian International Film Festival and the EPE/APV and IBAIA producers’ associations to the career of an outstanding personality in the world of Basque film. The Zinemira Award will be presented at the Basque Film Gala on September 22 at the Victoria Eugenia Theatre, with premiere of Lara Izagirre’s film, Un otoño sin Berlín. The Basque Film Party, sponsored by Eroki, will take part after the Gala.

    Karmele Soler was born in San Sebastian, daughter of a professional footballer and an aesthetician who passed on her love of makeup. She began at a very young age and had two excellent teachers. In the city of her birth she studied Aesthetics and two years later professional makeup at Estudio 24 in Madrid with makeup artist Juan Pedro Hernández. Thanks to Alfredo Landa, she landed the position of apprentice with the makeup artist Romana González on José Luis Garci’s film, Sesión continua (1984). She later specialised in Film Makeup at the Société Française de Maquillage in Paris. She took her first professional steps at what were at that time the recently opened ETB Miramón studios, where she continues to work today.  

    Her first movie experience as a makeup artist was on the first films in the Basque language produced by ETB in 1986: Andu Lertxundi’s Hamaseigarrenean aidanez; Alfonso Ungría’s Ehun metro; and Xabier Elorriaga’s Zergatik Panpox. In 1988 came Ander eta Yul, by Ana Díez. And in 1989, Felipe Vega’s El mejor de los tiempos was her first film away from home. She continued to combine Basque cinema with national and international films, providing makeup in co-productions with numerous countries all over the world: Cape Verde, Morocco, Mexico, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina, Italy, Norway, Nepal, Portugal and France.

    She has worked with directors including: Iciar Bollaín on Hola, ¿estás sola? (Hi, Are You Alone?, 1995), También la lluvia (Even the Rain, 2010), Katmandú, un espejo en el cielo (Kathmandu, 2011) and El olivo (2015);  Pedro Almodóvar on Hable con ella (Talk to Her, 2002) and La piel que habito (The Skin I Live In, 2011); Julio Medem on Tierra (Earth, 1996) and Los amantes del Círculo Polar (The Lovers of the Arctic Circle, 1998); Juanma Bajo Ulloa on Alas de mariposa (1991), La madre muerta (The Dead Mother, 1993), Airbag (1997) and Frágil (2004); Joaquín Oristrell on Novios (1999), Sin vergüenza (No Shame, 2001) and Inconscientes (Unconscious, 2004); Achero Mañas on Noviembre (November, 2003) and Todo lo que tú quieras (Everything You Want, 2010); Daniel Calparsoro on Salto al vacío (Leap into the Void, 1995) and Combustión (Combustion, 2013); Daniel Sánchez Arévalo on Azuloscurocasinegro (Dark Blue Almost Black, 2006) and Primos (2011); Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón on Cosas que dejé en La Habana (Things I Left in Havana, 1997); Imanol Uribe on La carta esférica (The Nautical Chart, 2007); Pablo Malo on Lasa eta Zabala (Lasa and Zabala, 2014) and Fernando González Molina on Palmeras en la nieve (Palm Trees in the Snow, 2015). Karmele was also head of the makeup and hair department on another 54 films. 

    She has received several Goya award nominations, for Noviembre in 2002, Inconscientes in 2003, También la lluvia in 2009 and Andrucha Waddington’s Lope in 2009. In 2012 she finally landed the Goya for La piel que habito. She has also been nominated twice for the Gaudí awards, for Lope and The Frost (2009), by Ferran Audí.


    Aitaren Etxea

    jabi Elortegi

    Screening of the first episode in this series set in a Basque coastal town in the 50s about the attempts of a group of people to survive and remain united in years that were particularly harsh for the majority.


    Competing titles for the Irizar Basque Film Award

    • AMAMA (AMAMA When a tree falls) by Asier Altuna (Official Selection)
    • GURE SOR LEKUAREN BILA by Josu Martínez (Zinemira)
    • JAI ALAI BLUES by Gorka Bilbao Ramos (Zinemira)
    • UN OTOÑO SIN BERLÍN by Lara Izagirre (Zinemira)
    • PIKADERO by Ben Sharrock (New Directors)
    • PSICONAUTAS by Alberto Vázquez and Pedro Rivero (Zabaltegi)
    • WALLS by Pablo Iraburu Allegue and Migueltxo Molina Ayestarán (Zinemira)

    Basque productions in other sections

    • BRASA (HOT COAL) by Xabi Gutiérrez Márquez (Culinary Zinema) Short film
    • CAMPO A TRAVÉS. Mugaritz, intuyendo un camino (OFF-ROAD. Mugaritz, feeling a way) by Pep Gatell (Culinary Zinema)
    • REY GITANO by Juanma bajo Ulloa (Made in Spain)
    • SAGARDOA BIDEGILE / CIDER STORIES by Bego Zubia Gallastegi (Culinary Zinema)
    • VINYLAND by Marcos García and Mikel Insausti (Other activities)

    Films spoken partially or totally in Basque

    • AITAREN ETXEA by Jabi Elortegi (ETB Gala)
    • AMAMA (AMAMA When a tree falls) by Asier Altuna (Official Selection)
    • CAMPO A TRAVÉS. Mugaritz, intuyendo un camino (OFF-ROAD. Mugaritz, feeling a way by Pep Gatell (Culinary Zinema)
    • GURE SOR LEKUAREN BILA by Josu Martínez (Zinemira)
    • JAI ALAI BLUES by Gorka Bilbao Ramos (Zinemira)
    • #JAZZALDIA50 by Carlos Rodríguez (Zinemira)
    • NO ESTAMOS SOLOS, Pere Joan Ventura (Official Selection - Special screenings)
    • PIKADERO by Ben Sharrock (New Directors)
    • SAGARDOA BIDEGILE / CIDER STORIES by Bego Zubia Gallastegi (Culinary Zinema)
    • SANCTUAIRE / SANCTUARY by Olivier Masset-Depasse (Zinemira)

    Children’s films dubbed into Basque

    A selection of films made for children will be screened dubbed into Basque, with the collaboration of Zineuskadi as part of the Zinema Euskaraz programme.

    In addition, the Velodrome will host the screening every morning of the film Astérix: Le domaine des dieux /Asterix and Obelix: Mansion of the Gods dubbed into Basque and Spanish.

    • DER 7BTE ZWERG / THE 7th DWARF by Boris Aljinovic and Harald Siepermann (Movies for Kids)
    • ASTÉRIX: LE DOMAINE DES DIEUX / ASTERIX AND OBELIX: MANSION OF THE GODS by Alexandre Astier and Louis Clichy (Movies for Kids)
    • THE HOUSE OF MAGIC by Ben Stassen and Jeremy Degruson (Movies for Kids)
    • STAND BY ME DORAEMON by Takashi Yamazaki and Ryuichi Yagi (Movies for Kids)

    Films in other sections with Basque subtitles


    • MIA MADRE by Nanni Moretti
    • SAUL FIA / SON OF SAUL by László Nemes


    • COMOARA / THE TREASURE by Corneliu Porumboiu
    • EFTERSKALV / THE HERE AFTER by Magnus von Horn
    • KARATSI / LOSERS by Ivailo Hristov

    Culinary Zinema

    • CAMPO A TRAVÉS. Mugaritz, intuyendo un camino (OFF-ROAD. Mugaritz, feeling a way) by Pep Gatell
    • SERGIO HERMAN - FUCKING PERFECT by Willemiek Kluijfhout
    • WANTON MEE by Eric Khoo

    Savage Cinema

    • MERU by Chai Vasarhelyi and Jimmy Chin
    • STEVE MCQUEEN: THE MAN & LE MANS by John McKenna and Gabriel Clarke

    Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack

    • RANGO

    New Japanese Independent Cinema 2000-2015

    • ARU ASA SOUP WA / THE SOUP, ONE MORNING by Izumi Takahashi
    • FUYU NO KEMONO / LOVE ADDICTION by Nobuteru Uchida
    • MISS ZOMBIE by Sabu
    • OSOI HITO / LATE BLOOMER by Go Shibata
    • PARADE by Isao Yukisada
    • ROKUGATSU NO HEBI/ A SNAKE OF JUNE by Shinya Tsukamoto


    The Europe-Latin America Co-production Forum is an initiative of the San Sebastian Festival conceived for industry professionals with the aim of promoting the development of film projects between Europe and Latin America, thereby strengthening co-production and international promotion networks.
    It is also a gathering place for all industry professionals present at San Sebastian and has its own team of matchmakers to facilitate contacts.
    The Basque Government Department of Economic Development and Competitiveness promotes this activity, which has the support of Creative Europe-MEDIA and the collaboration of the Producers Network, Ventana Sur, EGEDA (Audiovisual Producers’ Rights Management Association), Eiken (Basque Audiovisual Cluster), EPE-APV (Basque Producers Association), Creative Europe Media Desk Euskadi – Zineuskadi, Europa Distribucion, FAPAE (Federation of Spanish Audiovisual Producer Associations), IBAIA (Association of Independent Audiovisual Production Companies of the Basque Country), Etxepare Institute, LatAm Cinema and the Ibermedia Programme.



    The main aim of this Forum is to offer audiovisual sector professionals a meeting point to promote coproduction relationships between production companies in European regions. Consequently, the Coproduction Forum will bring together professionals from the audiovisual and cinematographic sector. The session will run morning and afternoon and will include pitching sessions, a schedule of individual meetings, which will allow to the producers presenting their projects to European Commissioning Editors and different film industry professionals. Those who wish to attend as public to the pitching, as well as to know different European professionals of the audiovisual and cinematographic industry, have still time to participate in.

    For further information:



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    Xavier De Le Rue and Rafa Ortiz, together with seven of the directors, will be attending the premieres of their films at some of the city’s best venues, among them Teatro Victoria Eugenia and the Kursaal


    “Savage Cinema” is back for its third year at the Festival and will launch on Friday 18th with the screening of Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans at Teatro Victoria Eugenia. The film is to be introduced by its director, John McKenna, who premiered the documentary at Cannes.

    Rafa Ortiz, kayaking pro and star of Chasing Niagara, will be in San Sebastián with director Rush Sturges to present the adventure that took him through Mexico, the United States and Canada. As well as Xavier De Le Rue, the big mountain snowboarder and protagonist of Degrees North, who will be joined by Guido Perrini, the film’s director. Jon Herranz, Robert van Wingerden and Victor Van Vloten complete the list of directors in attendance.

    Michael Oblowitz will then draw the section to a close on Friday 25th, as he brings Heavy Water / The Life and Times of Nathan Fletcher to Kursaal 2, the perfect setting for these two large and enigmatic characters of the surf scene.

    “Savage Cinema” and Bilbao Mendi Film Festival are pleased to announce the continuance for another year of their collaboration launched in 2013, which aims to bring to the  Festival the best of the year’s mountain films.

    The full program will be available from 12th September
    Tickets will be on sale from 13th September at



    Guido Perrini, director of Degrees North
    Guido Perrini is one of the leading cameramen of action sports today. He has worked with some of the best mountain athletes and companies in the world. In recent years he has worked on projects such as Into the Mind and the remake of Point Break. He is now part of the adventure sports audiovisual production company, Timeline Missions.

    John McKenna, director of Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans
    John McKenna, together with Gabriel Clarke, co-directed the Grierson-nominated documentary Clough in 2009, the motor racing documentary When Playboys Ruled the World (2011) and The Fight of Their Lives (2011), nominated for the BAFTA Awards. McKenna has shot and produced numerous TV documentaries in the UK and spent 13 years with the ITV Sport network.

    Jon Herranz, director of Panaroma
    He has directed numerous short films and web-series on mountain climbing and outdoor sports in collaboration with the extreme sports channel EpicTv. He wrote the mountain climbing documentaries Panorama (2015), Novato (2014), and Restart (2014). And sociopolitical documentaries such as Sikyong. La revolución política del XIV Dalai Lama (2014) or Flames (2013). Together with Gerard Peris he founded the production company Namuss Films.

    Michael Oblowitz, director of Heavy Water/ The Life and Times of Nathan Fletcher
    He was involved in New York’s No Wave subculture in the 1970s and 80s. His first works, are screened today in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He has helmed action and horror movies. He is the author, among other titles, of On the Borderline (2001), The Foreigner (2003) and Out for a Kill (2003), both starring Steven Seagal, and The Traveler (2010), with Val Kilmer. In 2010 he directed an iconic surf documentary, Sea of Darkness, screened among others at San Sebastian’s Surfilmfestibal.

    Rafa Ortiz, kayak star of Chasing Niagara
    Ortiz learned to paddle in Veracruz but honed his skills in Canada and in 2005 became the first Mexican ever to compete at the World Freestyle Championships. The Mexican has garnered a massive legion of fans with his agressive all-out approach and he can regularly be seen hurling his boat off 100-foot waterfalls and down the gnarliest of whitewater runs.

    Rush Sturges, kayaker and director of Chasing Niagara
    Rush Sturges, known as one of the world’s most innovative kayakers, has travelled and kayaked in more than 30 countries. Since turning professional at 16, Sturges has maintained current presence in competitive and extreme paddling while producing films about the sport. He produces, stars in and records the music for all of his films.

    Xavier De Le Rue, freerider, snowboarder starring Degrees North
    In terms of technique and style, Xavier's snowboarding is majestic. He has taken home the title of Freeride World Tour Champion 3 times and continues to inspire, beaming his love for nature's coldest terrain, through his multi awarded films and innovation in filming techniques, as the autonomous flying camera that follows him while riding.

    Victor van Vloten and Robert van Wingerden, directors of Paul
    Victor van Vloten  worked on independent projects with the filmmaker Rudolf Borgart. Since then and he has directed and written around a dozen short films and documentaries. In 2009, he created the advertising agency, Arteffects, with Robert van Wingerden, a freelance cameraman and author of the travel blog What About Her.

  // @sansebastianfes // @sansebastianfes 



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    Screening in Sydney from Tuesday 13 to Sunday 18 October, the Antenna Documentary Film Festival today announces its full program.

    With 47 films from 21 countries, Antenna celebrates its fifth year – bringing Sydneysiders the very best documentaries from Australia and around the world. From culturally confronting documentaries, innovative in style and exceptional in form, to emotionally evoking films, Antenna promises a festival with the richest and most diverse line-up yet.

    "We have watched almost a thousand films in the last few months to select what I believe is a great representation of the most exciting films showing currently on the international circuit,” said Festival Director David Rokach.

    Antenna kicks off Opening Night with the Australian premiere of Venice Film Festival winner On the Bride’s Side. A film that sounds like a romantic Euro-comedy as conceived by foreign policy reporters, Italian journalists disguise their Palestinian and Syrian refugee friends as a wedding party, then spirit them across Europe to asylum in Sweden. This emotionally charged journey juxtaposes the harsh system refugees face against the bravery and compassion of the journalists, who risked prison sentences in their attempts to get everyone to safety.

    Another very topical film is the Hot Docs 2015 winner Warriors from the North offers chilling insight into the current trend of Western Muslim youth joining radical groups abroad. The film follows a father’s desperate attempt to extract his son from Al-Shabab and bring him home, as well as a young Somali-born Dane whose two close friends killed themselves in suicide attacks in Mogadishu. Enlightening and agonising, the film’s subjects talk openly about religion, family, social isolation and culture shock.

    As promised, Antenna brings its audiences a series of confronting documentaries through first-hand accounts. One of the Australian competition films this year, Molly Reynolds’ Another Country offers a personal account of the clash between Indigenous culture and government policy, with the help of legendary actor David Gulpilil.  In Racing Extinction, Louie Psihoyos, Oscar-winning director of The Cove, urges audiences to join his mission to save the ocean. Using hidden cameras, Psihoyos exposes the illegal underground trade in endangered aquatic species, revealing the realities of mass extinction's impending doom.

    Featuring the eminent and insightful intellectual Noam Chomsky, Requiem for the American Dream mourns the death of America’s egalitarianism with the deliberate concentration of wealth and power in the hands of the affluent. Filmed over four years, it captures Chomsky’s wisdom on the continuing erosion of America’s democracy, their capitalist system putting them on the leaderboard in terms of inequality.

    Antenna keeps pushing boundaries with two films delving into private spaces. The Cult of JT Leroy follows the story of its mysterious literary namesake. Captivating readers and celebrities alike with a gritty memoir of his teen prostitution and heroin addiction, JT Leroy was catapulted to literary stardom at 19 years of age. But lurking just beneath the pages was a secret that would snowball into a scandal of grand proportions. The Ground We Won, on the other hand, is the story of a Kiwi town’s rugby team of farmers and their determination to redeem themselves after a series of bitter losses. With unprecedented access into men’s sacred spaces and rituals, the film offers  refreshing insight into male sporting culture and the hierarchy, humour and debauchery it entails.

    An example of soulful documentary filmmaking, Thank You For Playing is a portrait of how people deal with grief using technology in the 21st Century. The film follows father and game developer Ryan Green, who creates a video game to communicate the experience of his son’s diagnosis and failed treatment of terminal cancer. While programming provides him with an avenue to cope with his grief, the game ironically and painfully duplicates his anguish.

    Antenna invites audiences to toast the 2000-year-old tradition of artisanal sake-making in foodie favourite The Birth of Sake. Documenting the dying art, it unveils the meticulous approach employed by the Yoshida Brewery, a 144-year-old family-owned brewery in Northern Japan. The film tracks the team of men, led by a veteran brewmaster, through the six-month sake-making season as they work to keep the 2,000-year-old tradition alive.

    Music’s universal eminence is celebrated through three powerful films from different countries. B-Movie: Lust and Sound in West-Berlin revisits the vibrant music and arts scene of 1980s West Berlin, where the city was like a B-movie – ugly and poor, but wild, creative and incredibly sexy. No Land’s Song follows the story of an Iranian female composer’s rebellious act to perform solo in public, which has been banned since the Islamic Revolution in 1979.  A political thriller and at the same time a musical journey, this film never loses sight of its real centre: the female voice. Finally, Dominguinhos is an evocative and sensual portrait of legendary Brazilian composer, accordionist and singer José Domingos de Morais, or Dominguinhos, chronicling his life, loves and music.

    The occasionally surreal, frequently outrageous film The Sandwich Nazi follows deli owner Salam Kahlil; art collector, former male escort, amateur musician, and Lebanese-Canadian sandwich maker. In the midst of a documentary overflowing with dick jokes, other parts of his life emerge – compassion, philanthropy and a painful secret that runs under his affable exterior. This heartfelt and humorous film is bound to captivate audiences just when they least expect it.

    The festival will culminate with the this year’s Sundance and SXSW hit Finders Keepers, preceded by announcing awards for Best International Feature Documentary, Best Australian Feature Documentary and Best Australian Short.

    For tickets and more information, visit 


    Tuesday 13 to Sunday 18 October 2015

    Palace Verona – 17 Oxford Street, Paddington
    Chauvel Cinema – 249 Oxford St, Paddington (Cnr Oxford St & Oatley Rd)                        

    Museum of Contemporary Art– 140 George St, The Rocks


    General Admission – Adult $19, Concession $16

    Multi Passes – 5 films: $85, 10 films: $150








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      Director Kiyoshi Kurosawa             Director Hideo Nakata             Director Takashi Shimizu
    ©Sayuri Suzuki

    The 28th Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF) will take place from October 22 to 31. This year, TIFF will have a special feature entitled “Masters of J-Horror” screening chilling works of the three most influential directors in the J-Horror (Japanese Horror) genre, Hideo Nakata, Takashi Shimizu, and Kiyoshi Kurosawa at Shinjuku Piccadilly on October 28, through the night. These three directors are considered to be the original sparks who ignited the highly esteemed and internationally regarded J-Horror boom. TIFF is on a J-Horror trajectory this year!

    The J-Horror genre has swept the world, and even Hollywood has paid tribute to it with remakes of great J-Horror movies such as Ring and One Missed Call. More than twenty years has passed since the J-Horror boom began, and 2015 marks the twentieth anniversary of the release of the legendary horror movie Don’t Look Up (Directed by Hideo Nakata).

    The J-Horror genre continues to exert a great influence on directors around the world. In addition to the all-night horror screening, a panel session with special guest talk will also be held.

    ‘Masters of J-Horror’ Lineup

    Don’t Look Up (1996) – Director: Hideo Nakata
    Cure (1997) – Director: Kiyoshi Kurosawa
    Ju-on (2003) – Director: Takashi Shimizu
    Ghost Theater (2015) – Director: Hideo Nakata

    For “Masters of J-Horror” and more detail please find from below:

    Click here for details




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    Burns Court Cinemas and USF Sarasota/Manatee Campus, 

    Friday, September 18, Saturday, September 19 and Sunday, September 20, 2015.


    Scheduled to be held at Burns Court Cinemas in downtown Sarasota and USF Sarasota/Manatee campus, September 18, 19 and 20, the fifth annual Fabulous Independent Film Festival is continuing its tradition of celebrating diversity with 3 days of the best of LGBTq cinema.  The Fabulous IFF is a broken rules and Harvey Milk Festival co-production with all the proceeds going to HMF.  Tickets $8.50, opening and closing night films $10 are available at  www.fabulousiff.com and at Burns Court Cinemas on the days of the festival.  New this year: the centerpiece film will be a free outdoor presentation on the Sarasota/Manatee campus in the courtyard, with donation suggested.

    The Fabulous Independent Film Festival six awards winning films - DROWN, FOURTH MAN OUT, IN THE GRAYSCALE, LIZ IN SEPTEMBER, OUT TO WIN, TANGERINE are all eligible for the audience award.


    Opening Night Film TANGERINE presented by Watermark Media, it’s Christmas Eve in Tinseltown and Sin-Dee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez) is back on the block after being locked up for 28 days.  She and her best friend Alexandra take us on this rip-roaring odyssey through the various subcultures of Los Angeles in search of her rumored unfaithful pimp boyfriend (James Ransone).  FOURTH MAN OUT presented by USF and Stew Carrier from the BOX Office Bulls starring Evan Todd, Parker Young and Chord Overstreet is a funny, touching film following Adam, a car mechanic, coming out to his best friends on his 24th birthday.  This is a refreshingly unique take on coming out of the blue collar closet.  DROWN directed by Dean Francis known for his highly regarded “Boys Grammar,” is a superb drama exploring the forces unleashed by deep-rooted unsatisfied desires. This powerful film, not for the faint of heart, delivers strong performances.  Closing Night Film OUT TO WIN is a documentary examining the lives and careers of aspiring and professional gay and lesbian athletes from all over the world.  The locker room is one of the final frontiers for LGBT visibility in this country and OUT TO WIN celebrates the pioneers who have worked to make the world of sports a more diverse and inclusive one. Featuring interviews with Martina Navratilova, Brittney Griner and John Amaechi among others.  LIZ IN SEPTEMBER directed by Fina Torres (WOMAN ON TOP), is shot on a beautiful Caribbean beach where a tight-knit group of lesbian friends, lovers, and cordial exes meet every year to relax and let their guard down, without having to hide who they are, until Eva, a straight stranger, crashes the party.  IN THE GRAYSCALE this tenderly told tale of sexual discovery follows Bruno (Francisco Celhay) who faces challenging decisions about his identity.  This film which offers no easy answers, has earned comparisons to Andrew Haigh’s Weekend for its beautifully realized portrayal of two men in love. 


    We are proud to add two locally made shorts: 


    LET ME GO a Ringling School of Art + Design production directed by Nathaniel Allen Turner, will precede FOURTH MAN OUT at the free centerpiece screening on the USF Sarasota/Manatee Campus.


    WHEN THE PARTY ENDS directed by KT Curran produced by Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida and SOURCE Productions, will precede the Closing Night Film OUT TO WIN


    Sarasota Film Society, USF Sarasota/Manatee & Stew Carrier from the Box Office Bulls, Watermark Media, Janice & John Shelton, Embracing Our Differences, Smokin’ Joes, RCMoore Construction, Sarasota Day, Through Women Eyes, and Strand Releasing are among the Fabulous IFF sponsors making this festival a reality.  M.A.D.E. is our Opening Night Party sponsor, Ain’t No Thang food truck will be at the USF Sarasota/Manatee campus for the centerpiece presentation and will donate a percentage of their sales to the Harvey Milk Festival.  The complete list of sponsors is featured on the Fabulous IFF web site,


    The Fabulous Independent Film Festival


    Burns Court Cinemas (506 Burns Lane, Sarasota, FL 34236)

    USF Sarasota/Manatee Campus’ Courtyard (8350 N. Tamiami Trail, Sarasota, FL 34243) bring chairs and blankets.


    Friday, September 18, 2015

    8:15 PM  Watermark Media presents TANGERINE ( USA, 88 min.)


    Saturday, September 19, 2015

    3:30 PM  LIZ IN SEPTEMBER (Venezuela, in Spanish with english subtitles 100 min.) 

    5:45 PM  DROWN (Australia, 96 min.) 

    8:15 PM  USF Sarasota/Manatee & Stew Carrier from the Box Office Bulls present FOURTH MAN OUT (USA, 86 min.) in the courtyard, bring blanket and chairs.  Selby Auditorium is the back up plan in case of inclement weather.


    Sunday, September 20, 2015

    5:00 PM IN THE GRAYSCALE ( Chile, in Spanish with english subtitles, 101 min.) 

    7:45 PM  OUT TO WIN (USA, 99 min.) 

    Tickets to films available on www.fabulousiff.com and at Burns Court Cinemas on festival days.


    Opening Night Party - $3 beer and light bites

    M.A.D.E. (1990 Main St., Sarasota, FL 34236)

    With local guest celebrity stylist Dylonn Cole bar-tending, all his tips will be donated to the Harvey Milk Festival

    Friday, September 18, 2015

    10 PM


    Centerpiece Food Thing

    Ain’t No Thang Food Truck will be serving tasty bites, a percentage of their proceeds will go to the Harvey Milk Festival


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    The sixth edition of the American Film Festival (AFF) will take place at the New Horizons Cinema in Wroclaw, Poland from October 20-25, 2015.

    AFF presents the latest American films by both internationally acclaimed and emerging filmmakers. The festival aims to introduce new names and phenomena from American cinema to Polish audiences and to dismantle stereotypes about the function and integration of American films in the European film industry. The films presented at AFF 2015 will contribute to various panel discussions, lectures, and talks on a variety of social, political, and cultural themes. The festival is housed in the New Horizons Cinema, one of the largest cinemas in Europe, with nearly 3,000 seats and nine screens, and located in the heart of Wroclaw, near one of the largest market squares in Europe.

    As the European Capital of Culture 2016, Wroclaw is gearing up to celebrate one of it's most culturally and artistically stimulating years to date, with AFF as 2015's final cinematic attraction. AFF has recently garnered global attention by scoring a nomination in the Polish Film Institute Awards and for being selected as one of MovieMaker's 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World



    The Polish Film Institute (PISF) 2015 Awards

    Awards created in 2008 to show appreciation for the efforts of many cinema enthusiasts and organizers who propagate knowledge about cinema, promote Polish films in Poland and abroad, educate young views, publish information about films, and organize festivals, retrospectives, exhibitions, and meetings with creators.
    Nominated: Polish Film Event Award, American Film Festival 2014.
    Winners to be announced at the Gdynia Film Festival on September 16, 2015.

    MovieMaker's 25 Coolest Film Festivals in the World 2015
    American Film Festival 2015

    "Cool theaters: screens of IMAX proportions. Cool audiences: fashionable young crowds and the hottest new bands. Cool digs: five-star accommodations, fancy dinners and tours of the local castles. No wonder Wroclaw is a hot ticket for U.S. moviemakers, 'dignitaries' to the 'best festival in Poland and perhaps all of Eastern Europe.' Celebrating a different kind of American cinema than what traditionally permeates those far-flung shores, AFF doesn't just showcase indies, it nurtures them: Panelists love their U.S. in Progress program, which awards cash prizes to features in post."

    Just announced, the first titles of AFF 2015 include:

    Dope by Rick Famuyiwa
    Produced by Forest Whitaker, Pharrell Williams, and Puff Daddy
    Polish premiere

    Experimenter by Michael Almereyda
    With Winona Ryder, Peter Sarsgaard, and John Leguizamo
    European premiere

    Krisha by Trey Edward Shults
    With Krisha Fairchild
    Polish premiere

    Ned Rifle by Hal Hartley
    With Aubrey Plaza, Parker Posey, and Liam Aiken
    Polish premiere

    The full AFF 2015 program will appear at on October 7 at noon. The selected films will screen in one of the following selections:

    Spectrum to feature contemporary American cinema and new feature films, including films by renowned filmmakers and new talents (In Competition).
    American Docs to feature the most important documentary productions of the season (In Competition).
    Highlights to feature newest well-known titles and premiere screenings by renowned directors.
    On the Edge to feature discoveries, experiments, author films, or traditionally unacknowledged forms or unaccepted subjects.
    Retrospectives to create a background for the presentation of contemporary films and by linking the present day and past years of American cinema.
    Special Screenings and Festival Favorites to feature pre-premieres, select screenings, or 2015 festival favorites from around the world.

    NOTE: The winning film of the AFF Audience Award competition from Spectrum will be awarded $10,000, and the winning film from American Docs will be awarded $5,000. Both awards are funded by BNY Mellon.

    Ticket Prices & Important Dates

    AFF passes go on sale online on September 14 at noon (sale ends October 11 or when the limited number of passes is sold out).

    Online and box office ticket sales at New Horizons Cinema begin October 13 at 9am.

    Applications for Media Accreditiation for the 6. American Film Festival will be accepted from 14th of September 2015.

    Media contact:

    Agata Burdzy, +48




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    The Anniversary Programme 2015 - Eastern Europe Between New Urbanity and a Traditional Understanding of Homeland



    - 25th FilmFestival Cottbus from 3 to 8 November

    - ca. 160 Films

    - prizes worth a total of 77,750 euro

    - Focus: "Eastern Europe by the Cities"

    - first prominent guests confirmed: István Szabó / Marianne Birthler

    - new locations: Space Flight Planetarium / art museum Dieselkraftwerk /

      Gutsökonomie Castle and Park Branitz


    From 3 to 8 November, Cottbus will take a look at Eastern European cinematography for the 25th time, which has always also reflected the geopolitical situation of the day. "The global mood naturally has an impact on the contributions to the anniversary edition of the FilmFestival Cottbus.

    The filmmakers reflect upon the past, present and future, make statements, document events, or seek to change the viewers´ perspective," says Programme Director Bernd Buder. "But don’t worry!" he adds. "We will by no means only show gloomy cinema from Central and Eastern Europe. Many filmmakers comment on society with black humour or from a very personal perspective or shoot genre films that can indeed - both in technical and narrative terms – measure up to international competition."

    This year, twelve contributions will take part in the Feature Film Competition for the coveted glass figurine named "Lubina" (Sorbian for "the charming one") and give an overview of the most important trends in current Eastern European cinema. The same applies to the Short Feature Competition with nine to 15 films demonstrating how the short film has become an independent art form in Eastern Europe and simultaneously providing an opportunity to discover young talents. The U 18 German-Polish Youth Film Competition draws comparisons between the daily life of adolescents in Germany and its Eastern neighbours. In the frame of the 25th FilmFestival Cottbus, prizes worth a total of 77,750 euro will be awarded. On the occasion of the anniversary, the Gesellschaft zur Wahrnehmung von Film- und Fernsehrechten (GWFF) will increase the prize money of the Main Prize for Best Film to 25,000 euro. While the Competition presents the entire diversity of Eastern European cinema ranging from arthouse films to comedies, the Spectrum section addresses special target groups with unusual films plumbing the boundaries of cinema, from experimental film to the horror genre. The series National Hits features blockbusters from Central and Eastern Europe, some of which were larger audience successes at home than international film hits from Hollywood.


    The Focus in 2015 deals with "Eastern Europe by the Cities", capturing the urban spirit of Eastern European metropolises, but also the attendant, radical social changes, such as gentrification and migration from the land.

    Filmmakers direct their cameras to the contradictions between the search for individual freedom and the  construction of representational architecture – challenges that not only Eastern European societies are facing. With films dedicated to Islam in Eastern Europe, the FilmFestival Cottbus addresses another highly topical theme: How do historical extreme situations, such as the invasion of Afghanistan by Soviet troops or the massacre of Muslims during the war in Bosnia, effect Islamic consciousness in Eastern Europe and beyond? What liberties does Islamic everyday culture offer, and what are its constraints?  Since 2010, the Polskie Horyzonty (Polish Horizons) have been inviting the audience to explore Poland’s contemporary film scene – since "Ida" won an "Oscar", one of the world’s leading cinematographies. The Russkiy Den (Russian Day) has a similar ambition, presenting a cross-section of Russia’s rich film production.

    The German-Polish-Russian Film Forum "Change in Remembrance" invites guests to a "trialogue" between these two countries and Germany, with a film series presenting the different reflections on and interpretations of the transformation processes that have taken place from the 1990s until today in

    (East) Germany, Poland and Russia.  Furthermore, there will be a top-class panel discussion attended by, among others, the former human rights activist and retired Federal Commissioner for Stasi Documents, Marianne Birthler.

    Opportunities to enter into a dialogue with film professionals are provided during the entire festival week by the Film Talks (Q & A) and the MasterTalks introduced last year – succinct eynote speeches by professionals of the film industry. This year’s speakers include the Hungarian cult director István Szabó, "Oscar" award-winner and Honorary President of the FilmFestival Cottbus.

    The aim to make guests from around the world aware of regional filmmakers and themes is pursued during the festival week by the Homeland | Domownja section. The 13th Cottbus FilmShow, staged on the evening before the opening of the festival, offers insights into regional filmmaking. The event functions as a "small" festival for committed and talented filmmakers from the region. The FilmFestival Cottbus is at home in selected and extraordinary festival venues. The large auditorium of the State Theatre Cottbus provides the glamorous setting for the opening of the 25th festival edition on 3 November, 2015, while the awards ceremony on 7 November will be held in the Stadthalle Cottbus, which functions as the festival centre. In addition to the Stadthalle, films will be screened in the successfully established network of venues – from the historical Weltspiegel, to the Kammerbühne and Glad-House-Halle, which are transformed to cinema halls, to the municipal cinema Obenkino.

    On the occasion of its 25th anniversary, the FilmFestival Cottbus additionally invites the audience to special places in the city. The entertainment hall of the Gutsökonomie will present a special on the Branitz Park and Castle as a shooting location, the Space Flight Planetarium will show fulldome films and the art museum Dieselkraftwerk will feature a screening corresponding with the Focus theme, "Eastern Europe by the Cities", as well as an installation dedicated to modern, socialist, urban development concepts of the 1930s. A varied supporting programme with concerts, exhibitions, readings and festival parties provides entertainment beyond the cinema seat.


    The festival is substantially supported by the State of Brandenburg, the Medienboard Berlin- Brandenburg, the City of Cottbus as well as the MEDIA - Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

    0 0

    Victor Gimenez



    MiFo LGBT Film Festival: October 9 – 18, 2015 in Fort Lauderdale

    The newly named MiFo LGBT Film Festival kicks off its Fort Lauderdale edition October 9, 2015 with two weekends of dramas, comedies and documentaries that touch upon various aspects of  lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) life. Now in it 7th year, MiFo includes 7 documentaries, 18 shorts and 28 narratives, including 13 premieres.

    Presented by Merrill Lynch, Showtime and the Greater Fort Lauderdale Office of Film, Music & Entertainment, MiFo is one of the most highly regarded LGBT film festivals in the nation.

    The 2015 MiFo Festival in Fort Lauderdale will take place on Friday, October 9 through Sunday, October 11; and on Thursday, October 15 through Sunday, October 18.  Screenings will be held at the Classic Gateway Theatre, 1820 East Sunrise Boulevard; Cinema Paradiso, 503 SE 6th   Street; and Opening Night at the NSU Art Museum Fort Lauderdale.

    There is meaning and momentum behind the new moniker.  "MiFo" joins together the Miami and Fort Lauderdale LGBT film festivals under one umbrella and one brand name, to solidify South Florida’s leadership position in LGBT film and media. The Miami Festival recently celebrated its 17th year with record attendance, while Fort Lauderdale enters its 7th solid year with an unprecedented 45 films.

    To foster this progressive environment and rebranding effort, MiFo has appointed Victor M. Gimenez as its new Executive Director.  “Victor brings together business expertise, film knowledge and activism at this consequential time,” said Mark Gilbert, MiFo Board Chair. “He will continue moving MiFo forward as one major South Florida brand.”

    As executive director, Gimenez is responsible for business development, corporate sponsorship, membership relationship and customer service. Gimenez had served as MiFo Board Chair since 2014, and has held various roles during the past five years. Prior to MiFo, he worked in construction management and ran his own business. An avid movie lover, Gimenez currently is active on the boards of several cultural and social organizations.

    “Both Miami and Fort Lauderdale festivals have earned widespread acclaim individually,” said Gimenez. “Together under one brand we will continue to grow exponentially, thanks to their combined size and the benefits of combined marketing efforts.  As we continue into the 21st Century, MiFo will highlight the vibrancy of South Florida’s LGBT community,  solidifying our position of pre-eminence. The result will be greater support from our community and our sponsors as we debut World premieres, North American premieres and East Coast premieres.”

    Look for updates on movies, times and happenings by visiting MiFo at or on Facebook at
    The MiFo LGBT Film Fest is committed to its mission: To inspire, entertain and educate the public, encourage a sense of community through international and culturally diverse film, video and other media that offer historical and contemporary perspectives on the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender experience.



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    In their annual “Best of Austin” edition, the Austin Chronicle critics singled out our 15th month old festival for commendation, making it a critics pick in Entertainment and labelling it “Best Visions of the Future.”

    The Chronicle got right to the heart of what we are trying to do saying: 


    "Science fiction isn’t just about space ships and lasers. It’s about what it means to be a human in strange times. Austin’s first ever dedicated sci-fi film festival went to infinity and beyond in its inaugural year, with former Austin Film Festival booker Bears Fonté selecting the most bizarre, hilarious, and moving titles the genre has to offer. Before it returns this December, its year-round programming has kept highlighting beautiful and unearthly cinema. Keep watching the skies … and the screens."


    Other Worlds Austin is proud to be included on that also features Best Dance Dance Karaoke: The HighBall, Best Intmate Music Moments: Continental Club, and Best Little Audacious Film That Could… and Did!: Boyhood.  We’d also like to thank the Chronicle for all their support over the last year and to congratulate Chronicle wordsmith Richard Whittaker who was voted BEST JOURNALIST by Chronicle Readers for the FOURTH YEAR IN A ROW!  Whittaker has done amazing coverage of all things Other Worldy in and around all the important things he writes about like Texas politics and AISD funding.  LISTENING director Khalil Sullins, whose film has been on the festival circuit for over a year, said Whittaker’s article on his film was the best one he had ever read.


    Come check out our Vision of the Future this December at the Galaxy Highland, until Septmber 15th badges are only $42.



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    Eighteen new Russian films will premiere at the 12th Russian Resurrection Film Festival, playing at venues in Australia and New Zealand during October and November.

    International guests at the festival include director Sergei Mokritsky, whose 2015 war epic Battle for Sevastopol, will open the festival in Canberra, Brisbane and Auckland.

    Battle of Sevastopol tells the true story of a young Soviet woman who joins the Red Army in 1941 to fight the Nazi invasion. Lyudmila builds a reputation as one of the deadliest Soviet snipers. When tragedy hits, she is pulled out of combat to join a diplomatic delegation to the USA, where she develops an unlikely friendship.

    Another war epic based on a true story, Battalion, will open the festival in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. A huge box office hit in Russia, this is the story of the First Russian Women’s Battalion, led by the peasant Maria Bochkareva. It is set in the spring of 1917 at the height of the First World War. The battalion was formed with the idea that women warriors would shame timid soldiers into resuming their combat duties.

    Battalion is directed by Dmitriy Meskhiev, whose 2004 film, Our Own, is also part of this year’s festival retrospective of six World War II classics.

    Russian Resurrection Film Festival director, Nicholas Maksymow, said the lineup of films this year was particularly strong and would create a deeper understanding of Russia.

    “Through a varied and uncompromising presentation of Russian culture, we can provide audiences with the diversity of voices and ideas that are present in Russian cinema and society,” he said. “Russian cinema is evolving and developing every day.”

    As part of the festival, there will be an exhibition by Russian photographer Vladimir Maksimov, who worked on the 2014 film Territory, set in Russia’s far north – where the tundra meets the Arctic. Maksimov will be visiting Australia with his exhibition of landscapes that delves behind the scenes of the making of the film. 

    The Russian Resurrection Film Festival receives the support of the Russian Ministry of Culture, Russkiy Mir Foundation, Event Cinemas, ACMI and Rialto Cinemas.   

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